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Candlelit Dance & Cacao Ceremony to Transform Your Body, Mind & Soul – Bring Your Friend for FREE

Beata Dzwigol
Merrow Village Hall, Guildford GU1 2QY

Buy Tickets - 20-25 GBP

Join our Candlelit Movement Meditation, full of joy, transformative, healing journey to connect to your heart, free it and flow with life. Connect to your Soul and align your heart with your life purpose, release heaviness, stress from your body and your life, to experience liberation, joy, kindness and freedom!


improve your life and you do not know how

release repetitive negative situations

to slow down your life as you are stressed and busy

relax aches and pain

declutter and calm your mind

sleep better

release stagnant energy

release anxiety, worries or tiredness

energy boost

reduce stiffness, aches and pain in your body

less lost or lonely in your life

more happiness and joy in your life

attract more abundance

connect to the Mother Earth

experience vastness

tap into inner journey and stillness

find better quality of life and inspiration

feel that you come back to life

feel deeper connection to your heart and Soul

connect with your heart

balance chakras

start appreciating yourself more

awake your intuition

feel your body come alive

be a part of wonderful community

If you don’t dance but you are able to move your body- Make a first step and JOIN US and meet wonderful people!

For more info and booking check booking link, please

Ticket £25



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