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Soul Transformation

Before there was time, before there was language, there were the sacred symbols”…

What is Soul Transformation Therapy?


SOUL TRANSFORMATION THERAPY™ called Core Issue Healing is very powerful for all those looking for a way of identifying and transforming the biggest current emotional and energy blockages in their life, so they can enjoy their life and shine their beauty. 

Soul Transformation Therapy it is a complete healing therapy system which combines ancient card symbols and a channelled healing methods called interventions to diagnose the root cause of issues that keep coming up in life and clear deeply held blocks.

Archetype Cards Are Well-Known To


  • diagnose firstly the polarity (we are all affected by polarity challenges such as mastery, peace/ war, wealth/poverty etc.) 
  • find the specific challenge issue which is blocking a person from more fully connecting with their Life Purpose and Soul Mission potential at any time
  • help to heal the blockage so the person can feel relief, improve his/hers life and shine own light with love and freedom.
Soul Transformation

7 Channelled Healing Methods Called Interventions


will help us to clear energy blockages which includes

  • a tree of life soul retrieval method,
  • an energy psychology/dynamic energy healing method and
  • Soul Plan archetype work which has some similarity to Jungian Shadow, psychosynthesis and subpersonality work.

Soul Transformation Therapy Sessions 

Can Help You To  

  • clearing stuck emotions,
  • release trauma,
  • clear and strengthen boundaries,
  • revive limiting beliefs,
  • release blocks to abundance, 
  • integrate shadow aspects,
  • connect to hidden potentials, 
  • connect with divine feminine,
  • regain trust,
  • awake from unconscious behavior,
  • integrate into wholeness and
  • ultimately develop a greater sense of freedom an awareness.

This therapy is well established and very popular in Japan where many counsellors, coaches, therapists and even doctors are offering this powerful form of therapy.


The Reading is Profiled According Your Issue


This therapy may help to bring your life info harmony and happiness. Release blockages and allow you to regain your feminine and masculine power to control over your life. 

During the reading we focus on finding biggest blocks in your polarity and the source of the blockage, understanding the cause of the issue, cleanse and cut off the negative energy influences on your situation and heal the space and strengthen you so you can live free of the problem.

What’s Included in Price?


The price of the session includes: my preparation for the session, the reading during the session, as well as time to prepare and send the materials indicated by the Teachers and Masters to the client following the session, if needs. 

However, the fee paid does not include the recording of the session.

An investment in yourself is £120 per session. The session takes up to 60min.

The payment charge might feel excessive, but it really is little if you think about the priceless gift of connection you receive.

For more information CLICK here, please. 

Dla osób mieszkających i pracujących w Polsce cena jest 300 zł,  proszę zapytaj o szczegóły.


How To Make An Appointment?


If you decided to book Soul Transformation Therapy session, please use a personal form on contact page to make the  appointment. 

But if you are not sure which method is the best for you, why don’t you book a FREE initial consultation.




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