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Goddess Retreat

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The New Earth Goddess

 Empowered Women


Awaken Divine Goddess Within 

Day Retreat 

Awaken Divine Goddess Within Retreat is very unique, unlike any other. A sacred and safe space for open minded and open-hearted women seeking positive changes in their lives.

This is more than a regular women’s circle. This is a monthly Day Retreat at the Soul Level channelled by Me. I AM Beata Dzwigol – Humble Inter-Dimensional Therapist, Intuitive Spiritual Coach, Akashic Records Practitioner.

 Busy fighting to survive, protecting and looking after children, family, we are becoming warriors, forgetting about ourselves, our softness, beauty and feminine wisdom.

Distracted by overwhelming daily stress, aches, pains, menopause, health challenges, anxiety, grief and fears, we struggle with life and forget about our natural healing abilities and strength.

I want to show you how powerful you are and how much beautiful light you have within yourself.

I want to wake you up from 3rd & 4th dimensional dreams, awaken your senses and ignite the curiosity of life within you. I want to show you what does mean really love yourself and help you to heal the source of your struggles.

With new faith, you can step into life full of trust, forgiveness, self-love, courage and confidence and allow more happiness within.

I want to help you to liberate yourself from blockages at the Soul level and your limiting beliefs so you can raise your vibrations and experience freedom of your body and mind and manifest whatever you desire.

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If you are seeking for something more in your life…

If you are ready to step into your inner power, shine your inner light and accept the Universal wisdom to live the life you desire, please join me.

It will be a very interactive day, you may be offered

• Sacred Cacao Goddess Ceremony• Deep Healing through Akashic Records• Letting Go & Blessing Ceremonies• Dancing• Fire Ceremony • Sound Journey • Singing Power • Journaling• Cards •Joy • Healing Time •

I do however work intuitively and some acitivites may change where I follow the energy of the group. During the session I AM connected to the Source and guide you for your best benefits and transformation.

You will experience movement to express your body, your needs, connecting to your senses, rejuvenate your life which gently sparks your Soul and Awakens the true Goddess within you.

Do you feel called to take the leap into changing your vibration, to attract the right people and situations to your life, radiate with Divine energy of happiness, health, peace and inner strength?

If you cleanse negative energy, destroy blockages, change your vibration, liberate yourself and align with your Soul purpose, you can attract anything into your life.

 By changing your vibration, you will attract the right people and situations to your life, radiate with Divine energy of happiness, health, peace and strength.

You will be strong enough to take responsibility for your life, direct it there where you want to be.


Ready to step into NEW YOU?

Ready to receive blessing and step into  your Inner Power?


As Goddess Sisters, we will all provide a healing space for each other, embracing ourselves with hugs and love, allowing the healing process and sharing our emotions when needed. All that happens inside the space, stays inside the space.

It will be a safe, sacred space to express yourself with no judgement in a small group of like-minded Sisters, Goddesses. The group will be small and very private.

 JOIN The Goddess Day Retreat

 For Booking and more information check Here, please

Looking forward to see you there

with Love & Blessings

Awaken  Soul -Beata Dzwigol



The Goddesses Experience

“This was such an incredible experience. I pushed myself past my comfort zone to go and I am so glad I did. It’s true  that sometimes  you need to lean into the discomfort to find healing.  From the minute I arrived I felt safe and protected”.


“Life changing! I’ve been to 2 of Beata’s women’s retreats now, and her gong baths over the past year and I feel like a new women. I couldn’t recommend this enough. If you’re looking for true healing and hand happiness in your life, book in ASAP!”


“The Goddess Retreat held by Beata was a great experience with lots of healing, fun and I still feel the effect of retreat 3 weeks after. It is easier to cope with difficulties that life sometimes throws at us. I highly recommend for anyone who want to improve quality of life”.


“It has taken me days, to share my experience of the retreat, this is because I was in state of where I have never been before. It was the best feeling ever in my life. I felt calmness, peacefulness and lightness. Let’s keep sharing!”


“It was just fantastic! One of the best days in my life. Now I am using a healing tool which we were practicing and I’m amazed with the power of it. Thank you!”


 “It was the best cacao ceremony ever! Full of Divine healing while we were connected to Akashic Records, it was very empowering and unforgettable experience full of love. I’m still buzzing”


“ Finally I was able to let go of my fears during the powerful fire ceremony. I feel lighter, more peaceful and looked after by The Universe. Now I have trust in my heart”


“For me the most powerful was to discover what is energetically holding me back in my lie. I feel blessed to heal this being surrounded by other Goddessess. The guidance was amazing! I am coming back definitely”


“Chanting, connecting to the heart, releasing, laughing, healing it was just what I needed! I feel, awaken! My senses are much receptive. I could do fly now!”


“An absolutely gorgeous scrumptious day. I felt like a real Goddess when I left! Highly recommend the retreats”


“I went to an unusual workshop last Saturday called “Awaken Your Goddess Power Within”… It is now Wednesday and I still feel empowered and invincible….Lots of healing and letting go and laughter too… No point in saying what you do in the workshop, you simply need to go and experience it yourself.

Very caring and supportive.”


“Thank you for such lovely day of connection. It is the beginning of a journey for me to connect with other goddesses and allow for more feminine energy into my life at last.

The whole experience left me feeling really quite emotional as I had the realisation that I have never been held by another feminine being, least of all my own mother.

The experience helped me to release some of my old pain that I wasn’t even aware of that I was holding inside. A lot of tears and release and then sharing with my partner helped me through the process.
Yesterday I felt calm and peaceful and very gentle allowing for more feelings or pain or insecurities to emerge. .Thank you for making this happen and facilitating this process within me”.


“I just wanted to thank you for having me last night, it was so beautiful. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever felt so safe and protected. It was beautiful.

 I felt calm, relaxed and so empowered. Something I’m not used to feeling! To be part of the circle was such a privilege and I felt I was meant to be there. The whole reason I was scared to come was because I felt I may not be good enough. But everyone in that circle made me feel safe and loved.  

I knew it would be amazing because you are amazing but it triggered something in me that I’ve not felt in a long time. At one point a message came to me and it was so clear. I know which path I need to walk down. It will be full of discomfort getting there but I will get there. 

I went to bed last night smiling and excited for what’s ahead. 

It was a truly beautiful experience and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be part of it.


“I booked the retreat wanting to explore a spiritual path that was calling me I left the retreat feeling like I had a glow, a light within, I was calm yet energized. I felt powerful and strong and proud to be a women. No matter what your walk of life I highly recommend this retreat, tap into your femininity and lead the way as a peaceful goddess with an abundance of love for life “