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What is The Candlelit Sacred Crystal Sound Journey?

The Candlelit Sacred Crystal Sound Journey is an amazing, gentle and soothing sound bath, where we will create safe, healing space to bring you into the place of the love, balance and empowerment, so you can tune in, celebrate and cherish your authentic path of your life.

You will experience a magical alchemy of the sacred sound and vibrations of high-quality Crystal Singing Bowls, very special Metatron Crystal Bowl, Crystal Harp, other crystal instruments, one top quality Gong, Energy Healing and Aromatherapy.

Let the vibrations of the healing sound carry away this, what doesn’t serve you anymore an teach your body what it feels like to be relaxed, fearless, unlimited, expansive, liberated and free!

With Sacred Cacao Ceremony, we will open our heart and tap into higher level of consciousness manifesting with easy, heal, transform all layer of our being and let our light shine the brightest it ever has.

It will be good possibility to clear and heal our heart, stagnant energy, anxiety, major creative blockages, imbalances, mental confusion and connect with acceptance of life and reality. Heavy energy on the chest often connected to loss, grief or bereavement.

By activating parasympathetic nervous system you can recover from stress, sleeping issues, calm your mind, anxiety and fears. It will be perfect time to relax your nervous system, declutter your mind and prepare to go peacefully into next year of goodbyes.

This is a perfect time to RESET, RECHARGE and REJUVENATE

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