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AWAKENING GONG BATH with 14 Gongs, 45″Drum, Voice ~ Double Session

Beata & Jarek
Merrow Village Hall

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This gong bath with allow you to destroy your energetical blockages, unlock your deepest spiritual potential so you can improve your life, share your light and guide others on very deep level.

You can join us each first Sunday of the month in Merrow Village Hall in Guildford, Surrey.

We will start with ceremonial cacao tester. You can purchase the cacao after the session.

Allow yourself to be embraced with love, and healing of the sacred sound of The Universe created by 50″ Sound Creation Earth, 40″ Sri Yantra and Uranus Gong, 36″ Cosmo Gong, plus minimum of 10 other POWERFUL GONGS, 45″ Shamanic Drum, Singing Bowls, Eagle Feathers and other divine instruments and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

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