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goddess retreat by beata dzwigol www.lifeandsoulpurpose.comC

Awaken Divine Goddess Light Within & Awake Your Senses

Beata Dzwigol
The Bisley Yurt, Bisley GU24 9AR

Buy Tickets - 88-111 #

It is a powerful time to call in energy that will help you realize your highest purpose and your best life. You have most likely used the new year in the past as a time to reset your health habits or to make commitments and goals for the year ahead.

Carving out the time to perform an intention-designed ritual will help you identify and attract the things that you would like to expand or discover in your life.

We will focus on our ancestors Goddess work, reaching deep to clear and heal our throat chakra and heart, tackle imbalances, stagnant energy, anxiety, major creative blockages and mental confusion. It is an opportunity to connect with acceptance of life and reality. Heavy energy on the chest often connected to loss, grief or bereavement.

This is more than a regular women’s circle. This is monthly miniRetreat, channelled by Beata Dzwigol, ~ Founder of The New Earth Goddess Temple™.

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