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Akashic Records Reading by Beata Dzwigol.2jpg

✨I will be delighted to tune in to DIVINE and my Spiritual Guides and pass to you the answer for your one question✨

✨Only by participating in this session and sitting with us you will be surrounded by high, healing vibrations of Akashic Records✨

✨We will start with guided grounding mediation✨

This will be free session on 22nd December, Thursday at 8pm my Instagram


👉 would like to improve your life and you don’t know how

👉 are experiencing repetitive negative situations

👉 feel stagnation

👉 lost happiness in your life

👉 know that something is blocking you but you don’t know what is it

👉 don’t understand your life’s lessons

👉 going through challenging health issues

👉 feel lost in your life

👉 being abounded and you do t understand why

👉 looking for your life purpose or soul mission

👉 thinking about changing your career

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